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Indulge Yourself on Crescent Roll Hot Dog

Do you love camping? If you do, what’s your favorite meal? When I was a child, I really love crescent roll hot dog. My family usually goes camping at least once or twice a year. That’s why, when I got married, I have applied what I have experienced to my kids. Surprisingly, they love it too. But since they are still young, we only have our camping in the backyard. Somehow, that gives them thrill too. Below are the various crescent roll hot do recipes which I have researched. I have not tried some of them.

Crescent hotdog over the campfire

This is my favorite. My mom has thought me how to prepare it. You just need your crescent rolls; you can buy them from the market. If it is your first time to do this, you should read the labels of the crescent rolls as you may find the instructions of how you can do it. Of course, prepare your hotdogs. Cover the hotdogs with the crescent rolls. Make sure that they are attached tightly so that they won’t fall apart. After that, put each of them on the stick. Then cook it over the fire. This is not delicious; but it is also fun to do. You can choose to dip it in a ketchup or cheese. I love to dip it in a cheese.

If you don’t want to cook it over the fire, you can cook it in the oven. You need hot dogs, crescent rolls, and cheese. Heat the oven while you are preparing. The cheese should cut into 6 slices. Insert the cheese to each of the hotdogs. Then, cover them with the crescent roll and bake for 12 to 15 minutes. That’s so easy to do. This is a perfect snack for your kids. They will surely love it.

Snake crescent hotdog

Another great recipe is to make a snake crescent hotdog. This will surely become your kids’ favorite. It is just the same process with the other recipes above. However, you need to cut the crescent roll into long strips. Roll them in the hotdog until everything is covered. Put it in a bamboo skewers and bake for at least 20 minutes.

Tips when making crescent hotdog recipe

  • Make sure that your hands are clean.
This may be obvious; but not all people are practicing this. This is important, especially if you are going to work with your kids. Cleaning your hands will give a peace of mind that your family will be safe when they eat what have baked.

  • Do not over bake it
You just need to make sure that it is already golden brown before you serve. Over baking will prevent you and your family from enjoying the food. You can be creative. Try to use sauces or dips to enhance the flavor.

  • Choose the right ingredients.
I am not paid by Pillsbury Company, but their crescent roll is different from the others. That’s why I recommend using it. When it comes to hotdogs, you can choose from the different types of meat. In fact, there are hotdogs which are made of vegetables which is great if you are a health conscious person.

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 6, 2013

Serving Extra Ordinary Hotdog

Hot dog is one of the most common foods all throughout the world. This is a kind of cooked sausage which is normally steamed or grilled. Usually it is used on the sliced bread as a sandwich. People give different names for hot dog. Other call it frankfurter, wiener, foot long, nitrate stick, dog and a lot more. Anyways, whatever you may call it, you can’t resist in delighting with it at any serving.
We have here a few tips in making out classic food with hotdog.

Doing Some Preparation

When you buy hot dogs, it is already cooked wholly. You can have a mouthful of it without reheating. But it gives you a better pleasure when it is heated. You can cook it in any means like boiling, grilling frying, steaming, anything goes with this easy to prepare meal. Be sure to refer to the package instruction for cooking time. Try to jab or cut it lightly the surface to create a small hole to make a juicy hot dog, on or before cooking.

Adding Some Things is an Option

One thing that makes this food wonderful is that you can pair them with a number of options with other foods. Commonly people delight on making toppings with onions, relish, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, pepper, cheese and many more. Usually, the cheese is on the first layer of the sliced bread and then adds the hot dog together with other food and toppings.

Original Styles

You can also show up your creativeness with hot dog. You can handle an event and offer your guests with your inspired cooking version.  Popular style is the “Chicago hotdog” which is also refer to “garden on a bun”. This is a boiled hot dog on a sesame seed bun with toppings of green pickle relish, sweet peppers, mustard, tomatoes, onions and sprinkled on top with celery salt. Always remember to serve this style without hot or sweet sauce for better result.

The so called Sonoran hot dog is popular on the Southwest. It is done by wrapping the hot dogs with bacon just like as Mexican roll and layered with various kind of toppings with green onions and roasted hot chilies usually at the side.

Have you also tried to have a Coleslaw coated dogs? This is another version of chili slaw. Done simply with the toppings of meat chili, cheddar cheese, diced onions and mustard.

Preparing for the Kids

Kids will always love to this food for they can be as finger foods. You can cute the hot dog into bite pieces for it is easier for them to grab. Rolling up the half cut dogs into crescent rolls and cook it can be an option. Serve it with anything but just as the favorite of kids – cheese and fruits are best to go.